Since 1952 Leitner has been active in the lighting and energy sectors.

We have used this double experience to specialise in solar-lighting and green-mobility

The technological development of LEDs, batteries and photovoltaic systems has gone beyond the limits of solar technology and promoted many applications.

Sustainable mobility is an important component of environmental protection.

Savings in CO2 emissions contribute to environmaental protection.

Leitner Energy is a reference company for the implementation of projects that combine solar energy with lighting and solar energy with mobility.

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Energy with conviction

“You have the sun – let us do the rest


To contribute to an emission-free energy and mobility future


Sustainability, reliability, innovation, precision, aesthetics, performance


Create self – sufficient concepts that are simple, friendly and economical, over arching existing limits of solar technology .


Decentralized generation of renewable energy, intelligent, networked and remote controlled


Simple, stylish, sophisticated and functional for use in modern and historical architectural and landscape concepts.

products and systems

“Self – made energy. Green electricity made from the power of the sun.”

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