Project Description


The Kiosk Revolution

The CUBOX is an equipped kiosk with an innovative and attractive design that can also be used as a bar, kiosk, infopoint or point of sale. The CUBOX is a power plant that stores solar energy.

CUBOX is environmentally friendly and can guarantee complete autonomy. Neither noise nor exhaust gases are produced. In addition, the CUBOX is mobile and can be transported, set up and operated very easily.

You need nothing more than sunshine and the necessary space.

Environmentally friendly solar power station

Revolutionary kiosk

Mobile sales system

Easy to transport

Whether with car trailer or with truck. Cubox can be easily installed at any event. With special trailer your Cubox must work directly from there.

Completely customizable

Cubox is available in a wide variety of models, from the Cubox 1C to the Cubox 2C which is twice the size. You can choose between stone, metal or wood. The furnishing is individually adapted to the customer and his needs.

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