Project Description

Green Energy Loader

Simply tank up on sunshine

The sun as source

The sun has always supplied energy that makes life on our planet possible. We can convert part of this resource into electrical energy and use it to power electronic devices. This requires a photovoltaic cell, power electronics and a buffer storage. Once the infrastructure is in place, you get energy for virtually free.

Adventure E Bike

The technical advantages of the e-bike enable broad sections of the population and higher age groups to advance to higher-lying areas of Alpine regions. Thanks to the market maturity of e-bike technology, it is no longer reserved for ambitious hobby sportsmen and women or mountain bikers to master steep mountain routes and thus reach destinations with considerable altitude differences. According to a study by, the interest of cycling enthusiasts is increasingly shifting to the e-mountain bike sector, which suggests further growth in this segment. With the possibility of longer tours, there is a need to recharge the battery in order to ensure the continuation of the trip or the return to the starting point.

Autonomous and independent

Apart from infrastructurally developed plains and valley floors, there are hardly any e-bike charging stations. Excursion destinations such as alpine pastures or lower mountain peaks have no electrical networks. Some infrastructure such as restaurants and farms need the autonomously produced energy themselves (e.g. dishwashers, lighting), but there is no capacity for other applications. One solution to this problem is the installation and operation of autonomous charging stations at defined tour destinations or along a route. By means of solar energy (photovoltaics) of refuelled charging stations, a basic supply can be offered on highly frequented routes in the open countryside. The installation of the charging station is therefore not dependent on existing, cable-bound power supply!

Function and use

The GREEN LOADER ONE is designed for 40-50 charging processes per day* and allows the connection of two e-bikes at the same time. Weatherproof shockproof sockets are used for connection. This ensures that every user can dock to the self-sufficient e-bike charging station with their personal power supply unit. The purpose of the charging station is to recharge the battery by 20-30% in order to enable a further journey or return journey – thus the dwell time is limited to max. 30 minutes. Furthermore, the GREEN LOADER ONE has two USB charging sockets with 2.1 A current to charge mobile phones and tablets. The charging station is also network-compatible via GSM as a smart product and can be equipped with a remote maintenance module** on request. This enables the query of various parameters such as the filling level of the battery packs, the power of the solar panel or the user frequency in specific periods of time. This data can be used to optimise the charging station, e.g. change of location if the frequency is low or change of orientation if the solar radiation is too low. * under optimal conditions in terms of solar radiation ** optional additional equipment

Design with added value

A good product must be adequately presented in order to visually communicate its value, function and benefits. Therefore the design of the GREEN LOADER ONE plays a central role. The design was developed in cooperation with ABERJUNG -Büro für Gestaltung. Background of the chosen, monolithic design language is the use in alpine as well as in urban environments. On the one hand the design reminds of a rock, on the other hand it reminds of modern architecture. The required components are integrated naturally into the form. In addition to the charging function, you can comfortably take a seat for a rest and park your bike in a targeted manner. For individualisation there is the possibility to choose between a CORTEN surface or powder coating according to RAL specifications.

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