Project Description

Sustainable energy and mobility solutions for industry and retail

The distributed production of electrical energy for own consumption makes economic and ecological sense

Photovoltaic systems are an excellent investment, they pay off particularly well if the share of own consumption is high

Roofs or our PV-Carport  are suitable for the installation of photovoltaic systems

Decide now for electromobility in your company and you will be a pioneer in your branch, because electric driving will be the central component of the mobile future

Charging the electric company cars with the self-produced energy is very cheap and saves costs

PV carports are perfectly suited for the installation of charging stations for electric cars

Make the charging stations available to your customers and use this for marketing campaigns; you offer a special service and create customer commitment.

Make the charging stations available to your customers and collect the revenue from the charging processes

Make the charging stations available to your employees, you create employee loyalty through the benefit

Your employees no longer have to drive to the petrol station, because “filling up” is simply done during parking

With a charge and energy management system, you can manage loads and bill charging processes

An infrastructure for electric cars significantly increases the value of your property

Install PV Bikeports and make the e-bike charging stations available to your customers

Provide your employees with e-bikes to commute to work, thus contributing to traffic reduction and at the same time having further advantages

Provide your employees with e-bikes for private use as well, thus granting them an interesting benefit

Take advantage of the existing funding opportunities

Why do you need special charging stations to charge e-vehicles ?

  • Conventional sockets are not suitable for this for technical reasons

  • Charging stations are needed with which electric vehicles can be charged safely, conveniently and intelligently

  • The charging stations are adjusted to the electric system of the company and communicate with the electric vehicles with which maximum power it can charge

  • The charging stations recharge the electric vehicles faster, which brings a clear time advantage and other plus points

  • Intelligent charging stations offer load management, they distribute the available energy to several vehicles without compromising the energy requirements of the operation

  • The charging stations can communicate with billing systems

What we offer

  • General consulting on electric mobility
  • Specific consulting to know your energy requirements for electric mobility
  • Advice on the selection of a suitable photovoltaic system, PV carport, charging station
  • quotation process
  • Delivery with or without installation
  • Technical assistance during installation

The installation of photovoltaic systems and charging stations must be performed by an electrician!


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