Project Description

Sustainable energy and mobility solutions for residential buildings and families

The distributed production of electrical energy for self consumption makes economic and ecological sense.

A photovoltaic system is a sustainable investment. The roof of the house or our PV-Carport are suitable for installation.

Decide on a modern lifestyle with electric mobility and save costs by charging your e-car, e-scooter and e-bike at home.

Take advantage of the existing funding opportunities

Your house already has many sockets, why do you need a charging station?

  • A conventional socket is not suitable for delivering high charging power

  • The solution is in a charging station or wall-box, with which you can charge safely, conveniently and intelligently

  • The charging station is adapted to your electrical installation and communicates with your electric car to charge it with the maximum power

  • The charging station recharges your electric car quickly and brings a significant time advantage as well as other plus features.

  • Intelligent charging stations offer load management, are integrated into your smart-home and you control the charging process via App

  • The charging station also charges your company car and you can charge for it

What we offer:

  • General consulting on electric mobility
  • Specific consulting to know your energy requirements for electric mobility
  • Advice on the selection of a suitable photovoltaic system, PV carport, charging station
  • quotation process
  • Delivery with or without installation
  • Technical assistance during installation

The installation of photovoltaic systems and charging stations must be performed by an electrician!


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