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While most outdoor lighting solutions still follow age-old standards we rely on state – of – the art technologies and innovative lighting management systems. The benefits of our intelligent lighting solutions are manifold – it is not only cost effective in terms of energy consumption and maintenance, but also comfortable, and all this while being highly sustainable for the environment.

cost effective and autonomy for customers

Public and private outdoor lights require a considerable amount of energy that increases their running costs. Although in the short run, due to their cheaper purchase cost, traditional streetlights seem more attractive, if long term calculations are considered solar lights prove to be more economical given the 100% savings in infrastructure and energy consumption. Solar lights provide a cost – effective solution independent of future energy price fluctuations.

clean energy for the environment

The usage of autonomous and intelligent outdoor lighting systems reduce C02 emissions – an important factor in achieving the Energiewende. This environment conscious design significantly contributes in the protection of our ecosystem.

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