About us

Company history

Our roots go back to 1952 when Leitner Franz founded a specialized company for general electro technical installations. Later, Hubert Leitner recognized the potential in lighting technology and under his leadership the company has flourished as a specialist for lighting technology and photovoltaic. Today Leitner Energy GmbH combines its valuable experience and competence in lighting and energy. At the same time it is recognized for specialization in photovoltaic stand – alone systems and for autonomous outdoor lighting systems.

The company today

Managing Director

Hubert Leitner is a trained specialist in electrical engineering and an expert in electrical installations. His experience involves years of work in lighting technology and renewable energy. Hubert is committed to the protection of the environment and towards this end aims to lead the company, Leitner Energy GmbH, to become a conscious provider of autonomous and intelligent outdoor lighting systems, as well as special solar island systems.

Our partners

photinus: Austrian manufacturer of solar lights

photinus has over 10 years of experience in development and manufacturing, enabling it to optimally combine high quality components with intelligent light management.

Nowatt Lighting: The Intellightgence from France

We are inspired by Nowatt Lighting, the manufacturer of outdoor lighting systems, because their products are autonomous, simple and intelligent. Their creativity and expertise push the boundaries of solar technology.

Marco Marini, Architect: Technical Consultant

Marco comes with years of experience in the field of outdoor lighting. He lends his invaluable support to our projects with his attention to aesthetics, light pollution and energy conservation.

Leitner Electro GmbH: Installation partner

The company comes armed with more than 60 years experience in installing electro technical systems, lighting systems and solar power plants


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