Company history

The origin dates back to the family business founded by Franz in 1952 and specialized in the realization of electrical installations. Subsequently, his son Hubert developed the company, also specialising in the fields of lighting technology and photovoltaics. Today Leitner Energy Srl combines in an ideal way the experiences and skills of these two sectors in great development, presenting itself on the market as one of the most important realities of the sector in which it operates.


Hubert Leitner
Hubert LeitnerManaging Director
Ivan Passler
Ivan PasslerBusiness Development Manager
Marco Marini
Marco MariniTecnical consulter

Our partners


Austrian manufacturer of solar street and path lighting

photinus solar lights are based on more than 10 years of experience in both development and production. This results in the knowledge of the optimal combination of high-quality components and the use of intelligent lighting management.

Nowatt lighting

the Intellightgence from France

Nowatt Lighting, manufacturer of outdoor lighting systems, inspired Leitner because he created products that are autonomous, simple and friendly and because all limitations of solar technology were overcome.


Symphony of light

Volatiles backlights glass mosaic tiles with a new LED technology that enables light shows.

You’ve never seen anything like it!

Hilber Solar

Make use of the sun

Hilber Solar is a manufacturer of innovative products powered by the energy of the sun. This especially in the green mobility sector


The new revolutionary kiosk

The CUBOX is an equipped kiosk with an innovative and attractive design that can also be used as a bar, kiosk, infopoint or point of sale. The CUBOX is a power plant that stores solar energy.

Green Energy Loader

Simply tank up on sunshine

The use of solar energy for charging e-bikes. And this in an efficient and beautifully designed way.


Outside light

.STOOL solar garden lights produce a comfortable light and are independent of sockets and cables.

The solar film as a world first


our services

consultation and planning

Since 60 years we have been helping our customers in the fields of electro technical installations, lighting and solar power. We plan, develop and realize their ideas beyond the blueprint.

customer care

We are committed to serve our customers’ needs in design, construction and operation. Because a guaranteed energy supply is a necessity, we also provide preventive and corrective maintenance services.

research and development

Our company was one of the pioneers and has been dealing with photovoltaics for more than 30 years. We want to remain trendsetting and therefore develop new concepts in the areas of Solar-Light, Green Mobility and Smart-Systems.


We distribute sustainable products and systems that serve the autonomous energy supply. Innovation and high quality are our top most priorities.

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